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Estate Sales

Galbraith has a long tradition of selling estates, stretching back over a century and has handled the sale of more Scottish estates than any other firm in the past five years.

For estate owners thinking of selling, the market remains active and estates continue to be a great attraction to buyers looking to secure a rural lifestyle in Scotland and Northern England.

Open Market Estate Sales

There are obvious advantages to a full open market campaign for the seller. Through a number of marketing strategies we can ensure that maximum exposure is achieved which may result in additional offers and a higher value being attained.  

When an estate is brought to the market, it may be for the first time in a number of generations, so the sale must be handled by professional agents who are experienced in the estates market. 

For sellers, the current demand is such that a launch to the market this year is highly likely to result in a successful sale, with interest from purchasers nationally and internationally.

Private Estate Sales  

Sometimes a private sale might be an attractive proposition to a seller who perhaps seeks a quiet departure from their estate, and this method can on occasion play to the seller’s advantage as buyers will sometimes pay a premium to prevent it being fully exposed to the wider market, thus effectively cutting out the opposition

Buying An Estate

Many estates change hands privately 'off market' and due to our experience in the estates market stretching back for more than 50 years we act regularly as buying agents. 

The Galbraith Premium Property division has dominated the estate buying market in recent years. Since its inception in 2016, we have provided advice to more than 50% of the buyers who sought the services of a property agent – the next nearest competitor had only a 20% market share.  Prospective purchasers benefit from the fact that we know the history of many estates, what they have sold for in the past, and where they sit in the market today. We can also value for bank security, so we have all the valuation evidence at our fingertips. 

We have a healthy number of clients who are ready to purchase the right' estate should they find it.