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Nature’s Carbon Resources

Measure and reduce your carbon footprint


In this section you can find out:  

  • How to measure and reduce your carbon footprint
  • How are carbon and other benefits calculated 
  • What other resources Galbraith can offer

From 1 April 2019, quoted companies must report on their global energy use and large businesses must disclose their UK annual energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Government encourages all other companies to report similarly, although this remains voluntary. Guidance and resources for large and small businesses are available here.

Small businesses can make use of the Carbon Trust SME carbon footprint calculator

Businesses in Scotland can get tailored support to reduce their carbon footprint through a Resource Efficiency Pledge

Once you have measured and identified ways to reduce your business’s carbon footprint, head to our Shop to let Nature’s Carbon do the rest. 

How are carbon and other benefits calculated?

Visit the About page for more information about the Woodland Carbon Code and Peatland Code and how they measure carbon.