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Buy Carbon Credits

Congratulations! You have made the decision to go net-zero and be part of the solution to climate change.

There are three steps you need to take: 

  1. Measure your carbon emissions from all your activities.
  2. Reduce your carbon emissions.
  3. Offset the rest by purchasing carbon credits. 

Perhaps you’re here because you’ve taken steps 1 and 2 already: if so, browser our Shop to buy some of Nature’s Carbon. 


Our Resources includes links to tools which will help you measure and reduce your carbon emissions – perhaps you have already done this. Here you can close the loop by purchasing carbon credits. 


Carbon credits fund woodland and peatland projects which would not happen otherwise. Forests and peat bogs are nature’s carbon sinks, but over millennia many have been reduced and damaged. Restoring them is not just good for carbon, but can deliver many other benefits such as: 

  • Wood production: the net-zero economy will depend on a supply of sustainable timber for construction and plastic-free products. 
  • Flood prevention and better water quality: healthy forests and peat bogs hold and purify water, and release it slowly.
  • Biodiversity: forests and peatlands are amongst our richest habitats for wildlife, and restoring them helps to reverse the biodiversity crisis. 
  • People: restoring nature creates jobs, and beautiful places for people to exercise and enjoy. 

Head to our Shop to see how you can help make this happen on the ground.

You can also Contact us to: 

  • Find the right project for your needs 
  • Arrange all legal agreements
  • Organise the purchase of different types of carbon offset
  • Assist in delivering your ESG & CSR
  • Implement a monitoring programme to ensure your carbon and ongoing project are complying with Woodland and Peatland Carbon Code standards.