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Scaliscro: Great Potential As An Upland Hill Farm

Scaliscro is a stunning Hebridean sporting estate, however it also has huge potential as a productive hill farm.

Scaliscro Estate on the Isle of Lewis is currently for sale, at a guide price of 2.5m.

The prospective purchaser has the opportunity to farm year-round and to also benefit from the sporting opportunities for his own family and potentially to offer sport to visiting guns, during the season.

John Bound, handling the sale on behalf of Galbraith, said:

There is the potential to establish a thriving upland farming unit at Scaliscro. Firstly, the amount of land available (over 2,000 hectares) offers the ability to benefit from economies of scale and secondly, the potential to receive significant farming subsidies.  The farm is reasonably well-equipped with existing livestock buildings and sheep pens. 

It would be relatively straightforward for the purchaser to meet the minimum stocking rate for claiming Basic Payment Scheme (BPS).  The unit may be of interest to a purchaser who is new to farming because BPS entitlements may be awarded through the Scottish Government's National Reserve for new entrants. 

Alternatively, entitlements can be acquired on the open market.  The BPS on 2,000 hectares of Region 3 land should be approximately 20,000 to 22,000 per annum.  In addition, the land may be eligible for the Less Favoured Area Support Scheme.  The land would likely be designated as Region 3 for BPS purposes and therefore, it will potentially be eligible to receive, in addition, the Scottish Upland Sheep Support Scheme which is a payment of 100 per ewe lamb.  The potential purchaser must, however, satisfy himself as to the likelihood of meeting the eligibility criteria in order to take advantage of this scheme. 

Fundamentally, the land provides the potential for a useful and productive upland livestock farm within the LFA, which provides scale and the potential for significant agricultural support payments, depending on the farming policy adopted.  The holding lies within the Less Favoured Area of the Highlands and Islands which is anticipated to be the type of area which will continue to receive future agricultural support from the Scottish government post-Brexit. The guide price equates to less than 500 per acre, including all the houses and buildings and the purchaser will also benefit from a 175-year sporting lease which will be granted for a further 5,000 acres adjacent to Scaliscro. 

Extending to about 5,570 acres in total, this lovely property is situated in a beautiful setting on the west coast of the Isle of Lewis, on the shores of Little Loch Roag. The property includes approximately three miles of coastline, offering access to coastal and sea fishing and lobster potting.

The sale includes the 11-bedroom Scalisco Lodge, three additional cottages and a range of useful outbuildings and farm buildings including a 6,000 ft modern shed.  

There is a livestock market at Stornoway and there is a well-developed agricultural infrastructure, in terms of suppliers on the island.