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New Research Shows Rural Renting Available At A Realistic Price Across Scotland

The affordability of renting a home in a rural location has been highlighted by new research from CKD Galbraith.

The firm, which has a dedicated lettings division within its 14 offices across the country, compared rural and urban rents across six locations Ayr, Cupar, Galashiels, Inverness, Perth and Stirling.

Despite a widely held perception that rural rents tend to be more expensive, CKD Galbraith found that the difference in cost between rural rents and their urban equivalent was quite narrow and in some cases, rural renting was cheaper.

Last year, the firm let almost 1000 properties and found that the average rent of a three bedroom family home in rural areas was 618 per calendar month a fraction cheaper than the urban average of 621pcm.

In Perthshire, the same three bedroom home cost on average 649pcm, 58 less than its urban equivalent. Inverness-shire also saw similar statistics, with a four bedroom house in a country location costing a tenant 776 pcm in comparison to 792pcm in an urban setting.

Only when smaller houses were taken into consideration did the statistics indicate more expensive rents in rural areas, with a one bedroom property on average costing 399pcm in a rural area, 29 per month more expensive than the same home in an urban area.

Shirley Kenyon, lettings manager at CKD Galbraith, said: "A common perception amongst the tenants we meet is that a rural home will cost more to rent than urban properties but our statistics show that this isn't always the case and that there is often a good, affordable option for those who would consider rural living.

"The quality of life in rural locations, especially for those who enjoy outdoor pursuits, has always attracted prospective tenants and we think these statistics will encourage more to consider moving away from an urban setting. Furthermore tenants of rural lets tend to stay longer and become established in the property which is of benefit to landlords in securing longer term leases.  

"There are factors to take into account, such as the cost of transport when living in a rural location, but this can often be balanced against other expenditure. Many of our rural properties are becoming increasingly energy efficient and we see huge interest in properties with features such as wood burning stoves that can save tenants a huge amount of money on their energy bills money which can be used to offset other costs. Landlords of rural lets can also be more lenient than urban property owners when it comes to allowing pets.  

"However, the main thought that the relative scarcity of rural properties in comparison to urban homes will drive up rental prices is not borne out by our research and suggests that tenants who would like to enjoy a rural idyll could achieve it within their budget."

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