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Landlord Registration

The Anti Social Behaviour Etc (Scotland) Act 2004 requires all private landlords letting property in Scotland to apply for registration with their Local Authority.

Properties that require to be registered include all let properties and tied properties. Holiday lets are exempt. Farm Houses which are occupied by the legal agricultural tenant and their immediate families are also exempt. However, there are some areas that are not so straight forward.  

For example, where an agricultural tenant sub lets farm cottages, it is the landlord (estate / farm owner) that has to register, not the agricultural tenant who sub lets. Also where an owner lets to a Trust on say a 20 year lease, and the Trust sub lets on a residential let, then it is the legal owner who should register the property, not the sub tenant. In the case of sporting lets that include houses, it is the legal owner of the property who has to register, not the sporting tenant. It is therefore vital to seek advice on whether you should be registered for certain properties or not.  

Information required for registration is: 

  • Legal owners full name (if Trust or Company, full name)
  • Date of Birth
  • Full address (& previous address if they have been there less than 5 years) If Trust, name and address of one Trustee Details of any unspent convictions etc Name, including postcode of each property owned. (Note that it is important to have property name as recorded by Royal Mail and correct postcode).  

For more information regarding Landlord registration contact a member of our lettings team, in branches located throughout Scotland.