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Farmers Warned As BPS Replaced By NBPSS Again This Autumn

Land agent Galbraith is warning Scottish farmers and landowners to be aware that their BPS monies will not be paid this December. Instead the Scottish Government is offering a loan under the National Basic Payment Support Scheme, which will replace 95% of the BPS allowance.

Stewart Johnston of Galbraith in Aberdeen, former head of the Scottish Government’s Rural Payments and Inspections Directorate for Grampian, urged farmers to look out for the letters arriving through their door shortly.

It’s important to fill in the form as soon as you receive it and return it to the Scottish Government. If you have completed and returned your form in a timely manner, you should receive 95% of your entitlement in October. For those who don’t fill out the form, there will be no BPS payment potentially until June next year.

For many this is crucial funding, without which it would be near impossible to carry on with their farming operations. This year there are additional challenges from the falling returns and rising costs. It’s vital to look out for the envelope arriving and complete the form as soon as you receive it.

Galbraith manages or advises on over 3.5 million acres of farm, forestry, and estate land in Scotland and northern England.