European Funding Could Provide Timely Boost For Scotland's Farmers

1 April 2014

Farmers and food producers thinking of investing in their businesses could access discounted borrowing rates through CKD Galbraith's AMC (Agricultural Mortgage Corporation) agents.

Robert Taylor

Farmers and food producers thinking of investing in their businesses could access discounted borrowing rates from the Agricultural Mortgage Corporation (AMC plc).

AMC has negotiated access to a £multi million European Investment Bank (EIB) fund aimed at stimulating investment and job creation in small and medium sized businesses, including those in farming. This means that loans for eligible projects can be discounted by 0.8% below normal rates for 10 years.

Robert Taylor, AMC agent at CKD Galbraith, says this is an exciting development and means that loans for a wide range of farm and diversification projects such as building works, livestock housing and crop storage, farm shops and farm energy schemes can be heavily discounted.

“At a time when interest rates are historically low this could represent a real opportunity to cost-effectively invest in the future of the farm.” he says.

“The previous scheme met with strong farmer demand in Scotland with many using it as an opportunity to develop projects that improve efficiency, productivity or help to manage costs.”

“For example farm energy schemes such as wind, solar or hydro, which are increasingly being seen as a way of mitigating rising energy prices, are likely to be eligible for the discount.”

“With demand for food underpinning optimism across many sectors and challenges around managing production costs, this scheme offers a real financial boost at an important time for many farm businesses. I would urge anyone who is about to fund a farm improvement programme to find out how the EIB scheme could help reduce costs,” concludes Robert Taylor.

For more information and to find out whether your project is eligible contact Robert Taylor at CKD Galbraith on 0800 3899 448.

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