A completely rural property with no close neighbours (77 per cent) and away from a busy or main road (74 per cent) with plenty of space to park vehicles (72 per cent) were also qualities high on people’s wish list.

Additional living space also favoured high with 70 per cent of house hunters stating that an extra bathroom or en-suite was important and 69 per cent saying usable roof space to allow for a loft extension was also highly desirable, both attributes coming in at fifth and sixth position respectively.

Dominic Wedderburn, head of residential sale for Galbraith in Cupar, said: “It’s been a very interesting exercise to find out what’s currently at the top of buyer’s wish lists as this can change from year to year. Our market research allows us to match properties to potential purchasers as well as allowing us to offer advice to sellers on current market trends and how to present accommodation.

“It’s no surprise that properties with additional rural land and a high degree of privacy remain popular amongst those seeking a house in Fife, given the rural lifestyle the area presents. Additional living space, sea views and a sunny garden were also high on people’s wish list.

“There has certainly been a greater demand over the past couple of years for properties offering additional space for family members and a home office as a result of the pandemic making buyers reassessing their work life balance.”

A sunny garden came in at seventh with 67 per cent of those surveyed rating this a much wanted feature   whilst sea views also proved popular amongst 64 per cent of buyers in Fife making it into eighth position.

Property with a separate area which can be used as an annex or granny flat for visiting family and friends (56 per cent) and a bigger garage (52 per cent) were the final two features making the top ten, in at ninth and tenth respectively.  

The sales report for the first quarter of 2022 shows that year on year Galbraith in Fife brought 67 per cent more properties to the open market and carried out 25 per cent more property market appraisals.    

Currently for sale through Galbraith in Fife with additional land includes the following property:


  • Upper Bunzion Farmhouse, Ladybank, Cupar, Offers Over £710,000 - constructed on the site of a former derelict farmhouse and with the most breathtaking panoramic views over the Howe of Fife and beyond, Upper Bunzion Farmhouse is a superb family house. This property enjoys generous grounds with lovely garden areas and to the west of the house is an extensive area of amenity ground.