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Carbon Offsetting

Our environment is under pressure. The UK Government, alongside partner nations, is committed to reducing carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. Afforestation is an important tool in this process, and Galbraith can help both landowners and corporate entities benefit from the potential that woodland can offer.

How can Trees Help?

As trees grow, they capture and absorb carbon dioxide during photosynthesis. The volume of captured carbon dioxide is quantified under a new Government Scheme called the Woodland Carbon Code. This means that new woodland planting can be certified as complying with national carbon offset standards. This allows forest owners to connect with corporate partners looking to offset all or part of their carbon footprint. As well as the carbon capture benefits, woodlands provide rich environmental benefits for biodiversity and wildlife, meaning that purchasing carbon units from a woodland source has wider value. 

How can Galbraith Help?

Galbraith manages a broad portfolio of forestry properties and is actively involved in several woodland creation projects. 

Corporate entities interested in utilising woodlands to offset their carbon footprint can access a large number of projects through Galbraith, therefore benefiting from scale whilst being confident of the quality and heritage of their chosen project. 

We can assist land and forest owners with getting their woodland creation project validated into the Woodland Carbon Code, and can thereafter assist with auditing and potentially trading the carbon asset.