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The Blades Keep Turning...

Whilst many aspects of life have slowed in recent days, the income streams relating to renewables continue to provide return as the sun keeps shining, the wind keeps blowing and in Scotland – inevitably – the rain keeps falling. And so it’s business as usual here at Galbraith.


The increase in home-working and the reduction in none-essential travel may well impact on petrol consumption, but demand for electricity to power homes, data centres and more importantly, hospitals persists.

We still see developers continuing with transactions as the renewable revolution builds capacity meaning Galbraith shall, as always, be on hand to advise landowners and developers. 

We’re seeing no interruption to developers looking to acquire new sites for on-shore wind farms and solar PV sites and continue to agree lease extensions and repowering arrangements for the 1st generation wind schemes which are coming towards the end of their initial lease term.

Galbraith has advised over 8,400 Megawatts of installed capacity in Scotland and Northern England and would be delighted to assist. 


Please contact Gareth Taylor on 07909978641 or gareth.taylor@galbraithgroup.com or add him on LinkedIn.