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Harnessing the power of social media

Social media is a huge part of our day-to-day lives. It is used to plan events, share pictures and chat to friends all over the world, so why wouldn’t it be used to find your next home?

At Galbraith we don’t wait for a buyer or a tenant to spot your property in a shop window or come across it on a property portal, we put it out there in front of them on platforms they use every day. Through engaging posts, paid for advertisements and a clever mix of pictures and videos, on average 15.5% of our website views came from social media every month during 2017.

However not all agents have embraced social media and out of those that do only some use it to promote the properties they have available to buy or let, others focusing on more general messages about their services or the market. On some estate agents’ Facebook and Twitter pages you may see a list of generic listing posts and be lucky to find a picture amongst them.

At Galbraith we have seen the benefits of using a company-wide social media network of more than 34,000 followers for both selling and letting properties. 

Why do you need a social media savvy agent?

Social media is a vital part of the marketing mix for most companies and it is no different if you are selling clothes, food or a house. Two billion people use social media worldwide, that’s 28% of the human population. Facebook had 1.4 billion daily active users on average in December 2017, Twitter sees more than 500 million tweets sent every single day and Instagram is continuing to grow, reaching over 500 million users a day.

Ever-changing algorithms, platforms and technology updates mean it is important to have an agent that keeps up to date on the social world. This is even more important as most social sites are pushing toward personal interactions and making it more difficult for brands to reach their followers.

Reaching the right audience is not as simple as pressing the “post” button anymore but takes time and research to ensure everything is optimised from tagging other pages, using the right combination of pictures and videos to making sure the post is going out at the best time to reach the most people. Social media is important for reaching potential clients but it can also gain a property further exposure through newspapers and magazines as journalists now use social media to find their next story.

Galbraith is social media savvy

With dedicated teams in each office working daily online we make sure that your property is in front of as large a digital audience as possible, with the added advantage of traditional newspaper advertising and shop windows. For us, social media is about more than just advertising property, it is a chance to engage with the community – landlords, vendors, tenants, purchasers – and share our knowledge of the market and legislation.

We pride ourselves on having local knowledge, national expertise and an international reach provided by our social media posts and our website exposure. Galbraith Kelso recently received a message from someone in Australia watching our posts with a planned move back to Scotland.

We don’t always post the same content across all platforms. We appreciate that our followers on Facebook are different to those on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn so we change and adapt our posts to each platform. As well as corporate accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn each office has its own Facebook and Twitter pages so people can follow a page local to where they want to move to or take a wider look at what is on offer across Scotland on the main page.

Success Stories

How do you measure the success of a social media post? Is it the number of clicks on a link, the number of views, likes or shares, or by its ability to help arranging viewings and even its role in securing a tenant before a property has hit the open market. We think it can be a combination of all of the above. 

Little Ross Island

A beautiful island with a history like Little Ross was bound to grab attention, and our Facebook posts drove more than 6,000 clicks to our website and it was also a big hit on Twitter and Instagram, being shared on accounts all around the world.

Coming Soon and Sneak Peek 

Coming Soon and Sneak Peek posts are a brilliant way to drum up interest in a property at an early stage and all our offices have had viewing enquiries from this style of post with many leading to a sale or a new tenant. Our Aberdeen office posted a picture of a traditional farmhouse coming soon to the market and not only reached an impressive 13,799 people with 65 likes/loves, 53 shares and 40 comments but they also had 20 direct enquiries through comments, direct messages and calls to the office. One of the first people to contact the office after the post was the solicitor of the actual buyer.

New to the market

Our Inverness office has had a new property reach more than 40,000 people on Facebook, receiving 612 likes and being shared 78 times, and 81% of people that viewed this property on our website came from social media as of March 2017. The property went to a closing date one month after coming to the market.