Woodcockdale Farm Lot 3

Linlithgow, West Lothian, EH49 6QE

Offers Over £520,000

133.9 acres

  • Productive areas of Grade 3 and 4 arable, silage and pasture ground
  • Situated in a scenic and accessible location close to amenities
  • Excellent mix of grazing land and amenity woodland providing sporting and amenity interests
  • Land with potential to expand environmental and forestry interests through natural capital and afforestation schemes.
  • About 54.19 Ha (133.90 Acres)

METHOD OF SALEWoodcockdale Farm is offered for sale as a whole or in 6 lots. Please note Lots 2-6 will not be sold prior to the completion of Lot 1.LOT 3: LAND AND RUINS AT CARRIBBER GLEN EXTENDING TO 54.19 HA (133.90 ACRES)The land in Lot 3 extends to about 54.19 Ha (133.90 Acres) in total and extends south west from Woodcockdale Farm and is bound to the north by the River Avon, with the majority of the field enclosures benefitting from direct access onto the A706 which bounds the land to the south. The land has been principally classified as Grade 3.1 with some smaller areas of land near the Carribber Glen classified as Grades 4.1 and 6.1 by the James Hutton Institute. The majority of this land is down to pasture with some larger blocks of amenity woodland located along the southern banks of the River Avon and including The Carribber Glen which has been designated by Scottish Natural Heritage as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The land is of a varying aspect rising from 60m adjacent to the River Avon on the northern boundary to 100m above sea level at its highest point within the Carribber Glen. Located on the edge of field 33 are the remains of Carribber Castle, “Robert Gib of Carribers” was the Queen’s principal baillie of the port of Newhaven in 1553. The fragmentary remains of his house stand on the right bank of the steep Carribber Glen. There are also the remains of two collapsed kiln structures on the northern boundary of field 31 and the remains of an historic stone structure within the south east corner of this field.WHAT3WORDSTo find this property location to within 3 metres, download and use What3Words and enter the following 3 words or click on the links below:Lot 3: https://w3w.co/alpha.including.stubbleVIEWINGAll viewings are strictly by appointment with the Selling Agents.HEALTH & SAFETYThe property is an agricultural holding and appropriate caution should be exercised at all times during inspection particularly in reference to the farm buildings, farm land and water courses.BOVINE TUBERCULOSIS (TB)The existing herd on the farm is currently subject to an ongoing TB testing programme and therefore all viewers must follow strict biosecurity protocols and will be required to disinfect footwear when entering and leaving the farmyard and farmland forming Lot 1 and also enclosures 31, 32 and 33. A further TB test of the herd is scheduled in June 2024 and further details are available from the Selling Agents.LESS-FAVOURED AREA SUPPORT SCHEME (LFASS)Lot 3: All of the land is designated as being within a LFA area with exception of fields 25 & 26 which are deemed Non-LFA.THIRD PARTY RIGHTS AND SERVITUDESLot 3The proprietors of Avondale Cottage benefit from a right of vehicle access over the farm road which leads west from A706 and between fields 25 and 26 within Lot 3.In the event the property is sold in lots a deed of conditions will be drawn up governing all access, services, media, boundaries and maintenance. The subjects are sold together with, and subject to, all existing rights of way, servitudes, wayleaves and others whether contained in the Title Deeds or otherwise, and Purchasers will be deemed to have satisfied themselves in all respects thereof.HISTORIC & ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGNATIONSPart of the land and woodland forming The Carribber Glen within Lot 3 has been designated by Scottish Natural Heritage as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Further details available via following link: https://sitelink.nature.scot/site/327