Mainshill Woodland


Offers Over £250,000

57 acres

  • A well-located block of mixed amenity woodland
  • Situated in an accessible location within Central Scotland
  • Spectacular views over the surrounding countryside
  • PIUs (Pending Issuance Units) will be made available to purchase separately

SITUATIONMainshill Woodland is situated approximately 1.5 miles east of the hamlet of Boquhan and just 2.7 miles south of Balfron. The woodland, which was established in 2021 with the assistance of Forestry Grant Scheme Funding, is surrounded by land which is mainly used for agriculture and forestry.DESCRIPTIONMainshill Woodland comprises of a block of woodland which was planted in 2021. The Block extends to 23.07 hectares (57.00 acres) and lies south of the B818 with direct access onto the main road.The woodland can be split down into different species which have been planted comprising: 11.28 Ha (27.88 acres) Sitka Spruce, 1.78 ha (4.38 acres) Scots Pine, 3.63 ha (8.98 acres) Norway Spruce and 3.15ha (7.78 acres) of Mixed Broadleaves with 1.75 ha (4.33 acres) designed opened ground and a further 1.48ha (3.65 acres) of other land which was not included in the 2021 planting schedule (Open ground).The trees are well established and appear to be growing well with little evidence of browsing by deer or hare. The full site is securely fenced with deer fencing around the perimeter which appears to be in a well-maintained condition.The woodland at Mainshill sits between 88m and 190m above sea level and slopes gradually with a north facing aspect. The land at Mainshill woodland is classified as a mixture of Forestry Capability gradually ranging from F2, F3 to F4 at the most southern point by the James Hutton Institute.PENDING ISSUANCE UNITS (PIUs)The site being sold, is part of a larger planting scheme which has been registered with The Woodland Carbon Code. Pending Issuance Units will be made available to purchase in addition subject to the buyer meeting the cost of the revalidation and splitting of the scheme. WCC Project ID 10400000027501. First verification is due 2026.The purchaser will be required to manage the woodland in accordance with the Woodland Carbon Code Contract to ensure continued carbon sequestration to meet Woodland Carbon Code requirements. Further information is available from the selling agents.General Woodland Carbon Code Information: The Woodland Carbon Code is a government scheme administered by Scottish Forestry but available UK wide. The Code allows the owners of new woodland planting schemes to calculate the total carbon sequestration their woodland will achieve over the lifetime of the trees. The planting scheme must then be validated by a third party but once this is done Pending Issuance Units (PIUs) are generated. PIUs have a value and may be sold but may not be used in an offsetting calculation until the trees have grown and the carbon sequestration verified. Verification allows the PIUs to be converted to Woodland Carbon Units which may be used to offset UK based emissions. More information is available at