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Aquaculture Consultancy

We have broad expertise in the market, acting for purchasers, vendors, landlords and tenants of freshwater and marine farming operations. We help them with rent reviews, terminations, new leases and in resolving occupancy issues.

Computer Generated Designs of Aquaculture Project

Scottish aquaculture is a significant industry largely based upon natural land and water assets. The use of leases still underpins the wider industry and with the advent of new technologies and a growing recognition of the natural capital value in both freshwater and marine ecosystems, the industry is rising to the challenges of minimising environmental impact, widening its approach to biosecurity and pushing sustainability up the agenda.

When entering into a new lease or considering a sale or purchase of assets, a full understanding of the economics of the operation and the effects it may have on the wider property and environment are all equally important in informing value on both sides in order to structure the best possible outcomes.

We believe it's essential to obtain independent and informed advice before committing to any significant undertaking. We also have specialist knowledge and experience of the valuations of aquaculture facilities.

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