We understand that there are so many different reasons for this question, whether it be not wanting neighbours to know your business, worries about people turning up unannounced, are boards really even necessary nowadays? In reality, these concerns are usually unfounded and the pros of this very effective traditional form of marketing far outweigh the cons. 

Be serious

A ‘For Sale’ board shows you are committed and motivated to sell your property. Buyers almost expect to see a board, some may even think there is a problem if you don’t display one! During the early days of a marketing campaign the addition of a ‘For Sale’ board will greatly help us gauge interest and help shape our strategy to sell for you in the best time frame possible, and for the best price. 

Be honest

Let’s face it, that sensitive conversation in the driveway with your neighbour of 18 years is always going to be a little daunting. We feel it best to have these conversations early before the jungle drums beat, people will of course find out through word of mouth or online, with or without a sign. Be courteous, confident and happy embracing your news. You never know who your neighbours might know, it could be your buyer. If you really want to keep things quiet you can always discuss with us the options  to sell off market.

Be seen 

An eye catching and professional sign adds kerb appeal to your property and will help passers-by notice you immediately. The fantastic thing about physical board advertising is that it is present 24/7. We regularly get calls from interested parties who have noticed a board. Your buyer could be local, visiting friends and family in the area, or equally your buyer could be from further afield, having a drive around to see what the neighbourhood is like. A ‘For Sale’ board will help your property stand out. To maximise the impact of your board ensure your property is kept looking smart and welcoming by keeping your garden trim and windows clean. Keep us up to date, we’ll straighten up your board should the elements hit! 

Be open 

A ‘For Sale’ board will be a beacon for your viewers  to find you. This will greatly improve their viewing experience. In rural locations we often utilise directional boards that will guide your viewers to your property. This helps to avoid any last minute flusters. These directional boards are also useful to catch passers-by who otherwise may have missed you. We can reassure you that it is actually very rare for someone to knock on your door unexpectedly in this day and age.  A wealth of property information is available at the click of a button, it’s noted within this information that viewings can be made by appointment. As mentioned previously, it’s most common that interested parties will take a drive by first to scout out the area and determine if they’d like to arrange an internal viewing. 

Trust our experience 

We’ve recently had great success in Aberdeenshire.   A ‘For Sale’ board was placed in a stunning Royal Deeside hotspot in The Cairngorms slightly in advance of hitting the open market and received a significant level of enquiries from the signage alone. In fact, the second person to call from seeing the board was our eventual buyer. Enquiries at this early stage tend to pull in a highly motivated offer level to block out growing interest. Proof that the humble ‘For Sale’ board remains powerful.

‘For Sale’ boards are an essential and proven marketing tool that boost your presence and generate interested buyers. Residential agents  want to sell your property efficiently and achieve the best price. The key to this is visibility and thus utilising all platforms available; eye catching ‘For Sale’ boards, busy online property portals, punchy social media, bright and attractive office displays and our extensive database of active buyers, to name but a few. 

We encourage our clients to proudly display their Galbraith ‘For Sale’ board. Trust us, the joy  of adding that ‘Sold’ sticker is priceless.