Galbraith has recently invested in re-developing its WebGIS system. 

The new GroundMapper system brings numerous improvements over the old WebGIS system and provides us with easy access to a wealth of information including comparative sales data, environmental designations and landownership.  

The new system is being rolled out across the company and will keep Galbraith at the forefront of spatial data visualisation and manipulation for the wide variety of services we offer. 

Our meticulous data recording over the years has all been fed into the new system, so we – and consequently our clients – benefit from the rich, varied data resource it provides. 

The main benefits of the new system are: 

  • Remote access to particular data sets can be provided to clients. 
  • A zoom-able and pan-able map that is easy to navigate. 
  • A range of frequently updated public domain geographic datasets (SNH designations, Hutton soils data, etc). These are managed and maintained independently and updated frequently. 
  • Galbraith-specific ‘operational’ datasets that contain data found nowhere else on the internet. The most obvious of these is our dataset of sold farms commonly used for market comparison and our indicative landownership layer. 
  • The ability to overlay multiple datasets geographically to visualise constraints and information for a specific area. 
  • Attachment capability allowing us to upload ancillary documents to particular geographic features, for instance sales particulars and a detailed analysis spreadsheet for a sold property. 
  • Drawing, printing and measuring tools 
  • Much more flexibility over the structure of existing data layers. 
  • A fully auditable system, automatically recording the user and time of activity. 
  • Independent hosting so the provider is responsible for stability, back-ups, security and so forth.