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Solar Photo Voltaic Scheme

Generating electricity for use in the farm house and buildings.

CKD Galbraith arranged for several firms to visit the site, situated in North-East Fife, and provide estimates for the cost of the work and the likely returns. The clients chose the firm and project, following advice from CKD Galbraith.

The project comprised 32 solar photo voltaic panels, a total of 8kW. The total cost of the installation was around 24,000, which included labour for fitting, the solar panels and the electrical components required to feed the electricity to the house and buildings.

The potential returns for the project are calculated on the income from the Feed in Tariffs (FiTs), as well as the savings made from not purchasing electricity from the grid. Inflation was attributed, but the cost of borrowing was not. The initial pay back is predicted to be eight years.

The project was commissioned in December 2010, and the time from the first site visit to completed installation was approximately two months. There was no requirement for planning permission, which often acts as a barrier to quicker installations of renewable schemes.