Management of High Quality Scots Pine

Specialist harvesting machinary carrying out thinning operations

Strategic planning to maximise income potential from mid-rotation Scots pine plantations, whilst maintaining the core ethos and activities of a traditional Moray sporting estate.

  • Development of silvicultural systems to provide an alternative to clear-felling. 
  • Utilisation of high-value specialist timber markets. 
  • Reduction in site disturbance and operational costs.
  • Maintenance of visual and ecological qualities of the woodland

Strategic development of Continuous Cover Forestry systems ensures the presence of a tree canopy throughout the 80-120 year rotation cycle of the stands.  Regular thinning maximises economic value by producing quality sawlog material, including the niche telegraph pole market.  The use of natural regeneration significantly reduces site disturbance and the financial burden of restocking, whilst maintaining the genetic vitality of the present crop.  Aside from maximising economic return, the woodland habitat is enhanced for specialist bird and plant species as well as greatly improving the visual qualities and ambience of the estate.

Mature stand of Scots pine opened up to encourage natural regeneration

High quality material being ultilised for the niche telegraph pole market

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