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Chapel Re-roofing Project Management

Project management of a Category B listed Chapel re-roofing. 

Galbraith were appointed as project manager to oversee the re-roofing of a Category B Private Chapel in Midlothian in 2016. 

The role of the Galbraith team was to oversee the Architect's Listed Building and Planning Applications as well as appointing an ecologist to prepare a Scottish Natural Heritage Bat Licence and Mitigation plan for the work. Galbraith then competitively tendered the works to four local roofing contractors and oversaw the works on site. Due to the complicated access arrangements associated with the project, Galbraith also had to manage a package of enabling work; including the installation of a temporary access track. 

The re-roofing works provided essential maintenance to ensure that the internal building fabric, which included an ornate timber panel ceiling, remained free from water ingress and prevent deterioration of the roof structure to avoid costly replacement. Masonry works to the bell tower were also undertaken to correct twisting arising from defective masonry pointing. The works were also important in reducing the ongoing annual roof maintenance costs.

Despite the working having to take place from October onwards, to meet with the requirements of the bat mitigation plan; and the inevitable poor weather that this brought with that; the project was completed on time and on budget. The building is now in a watertight condition with minimal annual maintenance costs associated with its upkeep.