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Barfillan Farmhouse

Services: Design and Project Management 

Date: August 2014 - June 2015

Following an Agricultural Tenancy Agreement coming to an end, Barfillan Farmhouse was returned to Elderslie Estate in a very poor condition and in need of significant refurbishment and repair.

After an extended period of the property laying vacant, CKD Galbraith's Building Surveying team were appointed to identify the extent of repair work required and to co-ordinate and manage the alteration and refurbishment of the farmhouse and byre to create a 4 bedroom family house that Elderslie Estate could earn a rental income through.

Managing every aspect of the refurbishment including the design, procurement and on-site work, the project was completed on time and on budget and is now let under a short assured tenancy agreement, with the agreement set up and managed by Gregor Smyth in the Stirling CKD Galbraith Lettings Team.  

Having completed similar projects in the past, we identified the length of time the property had laid vacant for and were able to advise Elderslie Estate on the programme for the pre-contract phase of the works meaning on-site works commenced as soon as the property became eligible for the VAT Notice 708: buildings and construction reduced rate of VAT on empty buildings. This foresight and programming ensured the design and procurement was completed at such a time as to allow Elderslie Estate to pay VAT at the reduced rate of 5% on all building works which provided our client with a significant project saving.

The refurbishment has run alongside CKD Galbraith's ongoing management of Elderslie Estate under the expertise of Chris Addison-Scott who leads the rural team based in Stirling. The team has managed and provided advice on farm, forestry and community interests for Elderslie Estate since 1984. The property is just one of several ongoing projects managed by CKD Galbraith that will ensure the Elderslie Estate continues playing a vital part of the local economy, providing jobs and housing.