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Whole Farm Review Scheme 2015

How will the new CAP Reforms affect my farm business? Can my business stand major changes to support mechanisms? Are there other ways of getting farm based support? These are just a few of the many questions that farm businesses should be asking themselves right now.

With prices dropping in most sectors and the certainty of delayed area based payments what can farm business do to withstand these potentially major upheavals? The Whole Farm Review Scheme allows an independent eye to be cast over the business to see if they can pick up anything that may be worthy of expansion or change. All this and the Scottish Government will pay 80% of the bill for doing so (up to a 1200 initial limit). With financial institutions looking for business plans, forward projections etc, the Whole Farm Review process can contribute greatly to obtaining funding where it's needed. At CKD Galbraith we have two LANTRA qualified experienced assessors who can carry out these reviews for almost anywhere in the country from the highly productive lowlands to the smallest island croft. If you wish to find out more get in touch with either Gordon McConachie or Colin Stewart.