Farm & Estate Sales

Through our offices across Scotland including our National Farm Sales Centre at the Stirling Agricultural Centre, we provide our clients with a wealth of experience in the sale and purchase of farms and estates in Scotland and the North of England.

Farm and Estate Sales

Personal experience of the farming business

Many of our agents specialising in farm sales and acquisitions also run their own farms providing first hand experience of the business. Our Farm Sales team is complemented by planning consultants, development and building surveyors and agribusiness specialists. We frequently deal with sensitive private sales off market and through our large, well-maintained database we have access to active purchasers throughout the United Kingdom and abroad.

Expert Farm Sales advice 

Sales of the larger commercial farms are an increasingly specialist area of the market where close contact with buyers and sellers across the UK and Ireland enables us to complete many deals both on the market and privately. Contact Simon Brown, our Head of Farm Agency in our National Farm Sales Centre at the Stirling Agricultural Centre, who would be pleased to discuss your requirements in confidence.

Experts in the sale of Scottish Country Estates

Purchasing a Scottish country estate is a formidable commitment, but over the years we have seen a steady stream of people more than willing to invest – almost regardless of fluctuating economic circumstances - on the basis that it is a sound, long-term commitment both financially and emotionally.  

Highland estates in particular generally come to the market only once every 16 years and around 20 are sold annually; the overall number of estates sold in both 2012 and 2013 was 16, with a total sale price of some £60 million and £70 million in each year respectively.

There is much more than simply the prestige of owning an estate that appeals to buyers. While estates all have their own individual characteristics, discerning buyers often have a clear picture of their ideal blend of facilities and activities. Highland stalking estates continue to appeal particularly to continental buyers. Interest in grouse moors is generally widespread and interest in estates, especially those with a fishing or sporting offering, has not abated.

Many estates change hands privately 'off market' and due to our experience in the estates market stretching back for more than 50 years we act regularly as buying agents. Buyers in this sector are very particular, know exactly what they want and are prepared to wait for the right property. We have a healthy number of clients who are ready to purchase the ‘right’ estate should they find it.

A Strong Partnership

Through our association with United Auctions we provide a range of property services to the Scottish farming community.

Make the most of our office network and the National Farm Sales Centre

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