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Basic Payment Scheme (BPS Entitlement)

Basic Payment Scheme Entitlement Transfers


If you are looking to buy or thinking of selling Basic Payment Scheme Entitlements speak to Colin Stewart or Ian Hope to discuss your requirements. 

Galbraith is Scotland's leading BPS Entitlement brokers arranging permanent transfers and sales of standard entitlement and providing specialist advice for individual cases.

Entitlements for Sale

Region 1

Quantity Estimated unit value in Euros (Excludes Greening)
10.14 161.14
13 161.14
66.12 161.14
13.88 161.14
23 161.14 
2.42 161.14
47.38 161.14
24.5 161.14
18 161.14


Region 2

Thinking of selling? Region 2 entitlements required. 

Closing date for entitlement transfers 2nd April 2019