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Dunglass Hill

Strathblane, Glasgow, Stirlingshire, G63 9AG
Offers Over
A renowned rock formation surrounded by pasture land within rural Central Scotland.
Stunning views over surrounding countryside
Large rock face and pasture land suitable for a range of outdoor pursuits and agricultural uses
Good access from the public road to the north of Glasgow
About 9.97 Ha (24.64 Acres) in total

Dunglass Hill is the remains of an ancient volcanic plug with typical 'crag and tail' features left by glacial movement. The 'crags' on the north and east sides are formed by glaciers scouring the hard igneous rock, with the 'tails' on the south side formed by softer sediment on the leeward side of the crag.

The area in total extends to approximately 9.97 Ha (24.64 Acres) and is classified as being Grade 6.3 by the James Hutton Institute, with the land currently being utilised as pasture for grazing livestock. Dunglass Hill peaks at 153m above sea level from its lowest height of 90m found to the north of the land parcel.

Dunglass Hill offers a unique piece of land with a range of potential amenity uses such as walking, climbing and camping all within easy reach of a number of local rural settlements and larger populations beyond.

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