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Lot 1 Carse Of Trowan Farm

Range of modern and traditional buildings
About 76.72 Ha (189.58 Acres) of productive farmland
Land currently divided into 6 stock proof enclosures.

The farm buildings are situated in a group to the south of the cottage and are located to the north of the lot and accessed directly from the farm drive.

They comprise:
Implement Shed (19.1m x 16m)
Pole barn under a corrugated roof with tin side cladding, concrete floor and block walls.

Cattle Court (18.3m x 14.2m)
Of timber frame construction under a tin roof with stone and block walls and a concrete floor.

Lean-to Cattle Court (18.3m x 3.77m)
Of timber frame construction with stone and block walls under a tin roof with a concrete floor.

Chemical Store (3.86m x 3.86m)
Stone walls under a mono pitched corrugated roof with a concrete floor.

Lambing Shed (23.01m x 11.9m)
Of timber frame construction under a tin roof and side cladding with an earth floor.

Straw Shed (34m x 6.2m)
Of timber frame construction under a tin/corrugated roof with tin side cladding and an earth floor

L-shaped Traditional Steading Range
Of traditional stone construction under slate and tin roofs, with concrete and cobble stone floors comprising:

• Work shop (4.67m x 10.49m)
• Stable (10.45m x 4.85m)
• Loose Box (4.88m x 3.63m)
• Cattle Court (4.83m x 15.2m)
• Stable (14.19m x 5.11m)
• Loose Box (5.18m x 5.28m)
• Cart Shed (5.42m x 9.32m)

Turnip Shed (10.5m x 4.6m)
Of brick construction under a tin roof with an earth floor.

Former Traditional Store
Currently in a dilapidated state to only wall head level.

The Land in Lot 1 extends to approximately 76.72 Ha (189.58 Acres) and marches with the A85 to the north, and bound to the south by the River Earn. The farmland is all situated within a contiguous block with the majority of the land being classed as Grade 3.2 by the James Hutton Institute. The land is currently divided into 6 enclosures all of which are stock proof and have access to either natural or private water supply. The land is generally level rising from 45m at its lowest point adjacent to the River Earn to 50m at its highest point adjacent to the public road. There are 60 acres of permanent grazing ground running along the banks of the River Earn with some smaller areas of woodland which provide shelter for livestock. Approximately 118 acres is deemed ploughable with the majority of the land having been re-seeded in recent years and utilised for growing cereals and also potatoe

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