Little Ross Island

Kirkcudbright, DG6 4TR
Offers Over
A once in a lifetime opportunity to buy a 29 acre Island.
Located just off-shore, to the south of Kirkcudbright.
Outstanding views of open sea, coastline, countryside, the Isle of Man and Lake District.
Including B-Listed Lighthouse Keepers Cottages, a natural harbour and pebbly beach.


Ross Island is a 29 acre island (rather more at low tide, although the additional land is owned by Her Majesty the Queen!) in the estuary to the south of Kirkcudbright in the south west of Scotland. Located just off Meikle Ross headland on the mainland, with two small rocks adjacent, Sugarloaf and Fox Craig.

The island has much history having a working lighthouse tower (not included in the sale) designed and built by Alan Stevenson it was first lit on 1 January 1843, being the first light of catadioptric type, having metallic mirrors above and below the lenses. The light was hailed by William Thomson (later Lord Kelvin) as being along with Buchan Ness and the Rhinns of Islay as 'undoubtedly the three best revolving lights in the world'. The lighthouse was built at the mouth of Kirkcudbright Bay to close the gap between other Lighthouses those being at the Mull of Galloway and Southerness.

For the avoidance of doubt the operational Lighthouse Tower is not part of the sale as it still owned and managed by the Commissioners for Northern Lighthouses. We understand the extent of ownership to extend to the Lighthouse Keepers Cottages, shared courtyard (with the Light Tower) and remainder of the island, including the 3 ruinous cottages - workshops, walled garden, a further small ruin and walled garden on the southern side and a stone barn on the north side. A lease, signed in 1841, permits the lighthouse to operate from the Island, essentially in perpetuity. Since automation in the late 1960's the lighthouse no longer requires full time staffing, and only the lighthouse and Sighting Tower are maintained by the Northern Lighthouse Board. It is anticipated that the Northern Lighthouse Board and the purchasers will share the use, and future maintenance of the jetty wall.

The sale offers a rare opportunity to purchase a unique property in a beautiful and scenic part of Scotland which offers an alternative lifestyle as a retreat or holiday home. The purchasers should be in no doubt that they should be proficient seaman and will require their own boat (or helicopter) to get to and from the Island.

There are sheltered moorings on the north and more modern slipway on the north-west of the Island, both accessible at high tide. There is a substantial marina in Kirkcudbright for longer term mooring of any boat, although it should be noted there is a waiting list for moorings on the pontoon. It may be possible to discuss with the mainland farm landowner (not the same landowner as the island) at Ross Bay consent to launch a boat by Meikle Ross headland, but this will need to be formalised between the purchaser and farmer.

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