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Sporting at Ossian

Scotland's premier sporting agency offering the very best shooting, stalking and fishing has expanded its offering and rebranded as Ossian Experiences.

The Sporting team at Ossian have an unrivalled understanding of the rhythms of Scottish field-sports and a close relationship with over 100 Scottish Estates. While demand remains strong for more traditional sporting activities such as hind stalking, a week’s fishing, or a sporting lodge, Scotland and its Estates have a lot more to offer. 

A Scottish holiday is now about more than just the sport; with experience led holidays increasingly popular.

That is why we have rebranded our leisure offering as Ossian Experiences; offering a wider range of extraordinary experiences across Scotland. We will be bringing together fieldsports and experience led destinations, as well as boutique sales and acquisitions, all under one roof. 

Ossian’s expert team can also advise on new and innovative ways to sustainably grow tourist revenues and other aspects of the Estate business. If you feel that your Estate has the potential to create magical experiences that will resonate with clients we’d love to hear from you and work with you to make it happen.