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What if … Scotland goes into another lockdown?

For property professionals in Scotland the enforced closure of the market from late March to the middle of June was a period of frustration, although we understood the reasons underpinning the decision.

Since the market reopened, one thing that has become abundantly clear is that the whole sector can and does adapt to any difficult and fast-moving situation.

Online services such as 360-degree tours and virtual viewings have proved invaluable for buyers and sellers. The new protocols for physical property viewings have also proved no barrier to a sale, with the process proving a seamless and safe experience – in fact, far easier than many had expected.

Buyers and sellers have shown they are flexible and adaptable, not only in terms of embracing new technology but also being prepared to change their approach to communication and think creatively.

One couple who were stuck overseas but very keen to make an offer on a beautiful house they had spotted on our web site, asked their parents to view the property for them and then use Skype to show them around. They have now secured their dream home and are looking forward to picking up the keys shortly.

In Aberdeenshire, as in many other parts of Scotland, buyers have made an offer and secured a property without ever setting foot in it – the virtual tour, accompanied by extensive conversation with the selling agent at Galbraith, provided all the information they needed and are now fully committed buyers.

During lockdown the conveyancing process was also put on hold and solicitors have had to cope with a backlog of work while also handling a significant uptick in new business. Motivated buyers and sellers have worked with us to ensure that communication with the legal team is prompt and accurate, with every assistance offered to make the process as smooth as possible. The shortest period we have seen from an offer being accepted to the missives being concluded was just six days! Proof that where there’s a will there’s a way.

While the use of technology has been growing gradually over many years, this year has changed the property sector beyond recognition. No matter how difficult the next few months (and the prospect of another lockdown is rather daunting to say the least), we know that we can and will adapt and overcome any future hurdles – our clients are as motivated as they have ever been.