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Summary Of Findings For Ready Reckoner

A comparative analysis reveals higher returns on certain sport and sporting property than on the stock market over the period, with most outperforming gold, despite that metal's recent heady gains.

Increases in the capital values of the various elements of a typical sporting estate range from just under 400% to over 1000% since 1982. 

CKD Galbraith's valuations division compared returns on grouse shooting, stalking, salmon fishing, sporting lodges and farmland, as compared with more traditional investments over the same time period. The CKD Galbraith Estates Ready Reckoner allows those interested in the value of a sporting property to input the key attributes of an estate and delivers a graph showing the increase in value of the assets since 1982. Most assets show a favourable return against the FTSE 100 index over the same time period, some out performing it significantly. 

The following illustrates the increases between 1982 and 2006: 

Asset held

Value 1982 Value 2006 Increase on 1982 value %
Salmon fishings (per fish) 1,000 7,500 650
Stalking (per stag) 6,500 30,000 362
Grouse shooting (per brace) 600 3,500 483
Lodge 75,000 880,000 1,073
In hand cottage 20,000 170,000 858
Retail Price Index 79 193 146