SSE Appoints CKD Galbraith as Wayleave Services Provider

20 June 2016

CKD Galbraith has been awarded an agreement to provide property consulting services to SSE plc.

The firm’s energy team will work closely with SSE to help ensure the utility group’s continued provision of the highest levels of service in energy production, storage, transmission, distribution and supply across Scotland. The focus will be on wayleave services, whereby SSE works with landowners, local authorities and others to install and maintain infrastructure. 

Calum Innes, Head of Energy, CKD Galbraith, said:

We are among a small number of firms to have been selected to work with SSE and in a demanding evaluation process were awarded maximum points for the quality of our work.

SSE works hard to ensure it is a responsible, sustainable supplier to homes and organisations across the country and we look forward to continuing to help the group achieve its goals.

Partner, RICS Registered Valuer

The e-zine written by our Energy team

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