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Sophisticated Tactics For Selling Your Property.

Bob Cherry outlines key factors which should be considered by home owners thinking of selling their property, whilst providing 'top tips' to allay some existing fears about the Scottish housing market.

Bob Cherry, partner in CKD Galbraith's Ayr office, offers a selection of ideas to help home owners assess their property whilst steering it through the selling process.
Bob said: "In our experience, homes, the best of their kind in every category from cottages to large country houses, are selling well if placed under competition, with a number of homes still achieving premiums above guide prices.

"The interest levels in all property however, are driven by supply and demand.  In essence, if your house falls into a sector that looks, upon research, to be over supplied in the local market, you definitely need to employ a number of sophisticated tactics to make your house stand out from the crowd and be the one that sells.
"The houses that are in short supply, are typically the idyllic cottage, an historic house in the heart of a sought after village, the town house to do up', the Old Manse located on the edge of the village and if there is a beat of fishing or pony paddocks even better. These homes continue to enjoying huge amounts of interest with a sizeable number of sales being undertaken privately off market, through agents, which is great news for sellers but which unfortunately feeds the public perception of a lower transactional rate which is not always true."
So what should you do to make your home stand out from the crowd? Bob Cherry advises:

  • Look at your house objectively and ask yourself what the outstanding features were that made you buy it. It is more than likely that a potential buyer will be attracted to those features and they need to stand out.
  • First impressions do count. Buyers tell us they make up their mind to buy a house within five minutes of arriving; which means you can also lose them within the first five minutes if you don't set about creating the right impression, so do dress the house before viewings. 
  • If you were a potential buyer, what would you do to improve your house? For example, is there a planning permission that you have always dreamt of getting, if so take advice and see if this adds value?
  • Think ahead.  If you feel you might be on the move within the next twelve months, talk to a good agent about professional photographs in May or June when the gardens and indeed the weather should be at its best.  If something comes up and you have to move in the autumn, your house will be displayed at its best.
  • Choose your agent wisely.  In a slowly recovering market you will need the best possible advice.  How well does your agent know the local and national market and operate in your property segment? An investment made with your agent in the marketing process can reap huge dividends with a dramatic increase in viewers and price.
  • Do your research. Find out what other properties have actually sold for and set your guide price competitively. You want to be the one with the most interest not the one that just looks the best but with little chance of selling.
  • Keep an eye of the competition.  If others are selling around you, while you instruct your agent to be honest with you, they might be frightened of losing the job when really they should be advising you on how to sell.
  • Finally, try to be as relaxed as you can throughout the process, a house with a happy feel and an owner who does not appear desperate will produce the right type of buyer and a good relationship throughout the sale process.

CKD Galbraith have offices throughout Scotland and one of our experienced agents would be happy to discuss any aspect of the sales process with you.