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21 March 2016

The chance to tap into private island life has become more affordable as the outstandingly beautiful island of Tanera Mòr is now being offered for sale as a whole or in three lots. 

The island of Tanera Mor is now being offered for sale as a whole or in three lots

The largest and only inhabited island of the famous Summer Isles, lying off the north west-coast of Scotland, Tanera Mòr is being marketed jointly through CKD Galbraith and Savills.

Tanera Mòr, located off the Coigach peninsular, totals 760 acres and is still for sale as a whole at a guide price of £1,950,000 but to allow interested parties flexibility and to make the island available to more people, it is now also being offered in three lots. This offers potential parties an affordable opportunity to turn their hand to idyllic island life. The lots have been broken up geographically into the north end, the central stretch and the southern end of the island, each offering island life and enterprising business opportunities. 

The northern area (Lot 1), which extends to some 231 acres, comprises the entire north end of the island, with the rolling pasture land of Ard-na-Goine, various cnocs and inlets and the two northern-most freshwater lochans. This lot also includes the principal house (the former school house) which boasts spectacular views over the sheltered anchorage and magnificent mountains of the mainland. It also includes the Farmhouse, Murdo's Cottage, the island café and the renowned Summer Isles Post Office business.

Early this year the post office issued its own set of unique Summer Isles Stamps to celebrate the release of a new album by popular musician, Mairearad Green. The stamps feature four stunning photographs taken on Tanera Mòr. 

The 2016 issue of Summer Isles Stamps feature musician Mairearad Green

Tanera Mòr is the only Scottish island to operate a year-round private postal service, but it had been lying dormant for 10 years before the Wilder Family bought the island. All letters posted on Tanera Mor must bear two stamps: a Summer Isles stamp to carry it from Tanera to the mainland and a Royal Mail stamp for the rest of the journey.

Tigh-an-Quay, Lot 2, is the central area of the island which extends to approximately 196 acres, part of which was owned and managed by Fraser Darling in the 1940s which provided inspiration for his book Island Farm. This lot includes two residencies, Tigh-an-Quay Cottage and Rowan Cottage, as well as the B-listed historic old herring curing station, which today presents significant redevelopment potential, and the stone pier which was rebuilt by Fraser Darling and his wife Bobby by hand. Lot 2 also comprises the island's largest private beach, Mol Mòr, which sits on the west coast of the island; the southern-most freshwater lochan which provides the island's freshwater supply, and tidal island Eilean na Saille. 

Lot 3, the southern part of the island, comprises 333 acres and includes the tidal pool, as well as the small islands of Eilean Mòr, Eilean Beag, and one small tidal island. There are a variety of beautiful bays and inlets and direct access to the sheltered anchorage at Garadheancal as well as the island's highest point; Meall Mòr (124m). There are four residences on Lot 3 which would serve as excellent holiday let properties, all with stunning views.

Tanera Mor


John Bound, Partner at CKD Galbraith, said: 

The sale of Tanera Mòr offered now as a whole or in three separate lots adds an exciting dynamic to the sale of this idyllic island as it now allows a number of interested parties the chance to tap into island life. 

Each lot offers comfortable family living with some established and potential business opportunities. We believe that by offering Tanera Mòr in lots we will attract potential buyers who are looking to buy into the idyllic island lifestyle.

Tanera Mòr is for sale as a whole at £1,950,000 or in the three separate lots:

  • Lot 1 – North End, about 231 acres. Guide price: £700,000 
  • Lot 2 – Tigh-an-Quay (central area) about 196 acres. Guide price: £430,000 
  • Lot 3 – South End, about 333 acres. Guide price: £820,000

Full details of the largest and only inhabited island of the Summer Isles

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