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Natural Capital update: Your chance to thrive in a net-zero career

Climate change mitigation is more than an abstract concept – the ever present task is to develop the net-zero economy and find new ways to regenerate and support the natural environment.

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It was a common refrain during my education that we were the generation who needed to think carefully about climate change and how to avert a catastrophe.

This seemed a far off problem, one to address when we were ‘all grown up’ – but advancing years, extreme weather events and the eloquence of spokespeople such as Greta Thunberg, have brought the problem to the forefront. 

Working in the rural economy provides a direct link to solving these problems. Addressing changes in land use, peatland restoration, regenerative agriculture and energy efficiency in homes and renewable energy are all part of my day-to day-work. The rural economy has a crucial part to play in developing net zero – agriculture is a large emitter at present, producing about 10% of UK emissions. Forestry and peatland have huge potential for carbon sequestration.

This presents a challenge but also brings opportunities for big thinking – and that makes working in the rural economy exciting. Big ideas require creativity from diverse teams who can think beyond the horizon and on a range of scales. I would love to see people from a wider range of backgrounds joining rural industry, taking advantage of the broad range of career opportunities, so they can learn and apply their skills and ideas to help meet the challenges of a net-zero world.

Natural Capital: Galbraith’s expert advisers guide our clients in realising value in all land uses – by assessing and measuring natural assets, furthering opportunities in biodiversity net gain, and ensuring stakeholders are rewarded fully for their investment in and contribution to delivering ecosystem services and net-zero outcomes.