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Estate's New Farm Lettings Signal Breakthrough For New Entrants

Bute Estate, working in conjunction with rural property specialists CKD Galbraith have announced details of a range of new farm lettings on the Isle of Bute.

Out of a total of five estate farms being offered for let on the island, two have been let to new entrants on 15-year Limited Duration Tenancies, one has been let on a five-year Short Limited Duration Tenancy and two others are under offer.

John Bute, chairman of the Mount Stuart Trust, which owns Bute Estate, said: "I am very pleased to agree lengthy tenancy agreements with two very keen young farmers who have now secured a significant foothold on the farming ladder.

I am also satisfied that, having agreed an SLDT on Quochag farm with the largest dairy producer on the island, we have supported the island's dairy producers.  All in all, this is good news for these farmers, the Bute Estate and First Milk's Rothesay Creamery."
Working closely with the Estate Factor, Nick Mellish, CKD Galbraith conducted the negotiations on the farm lettings on behalf of the estate and decisions will be made on offers for two further farms soon.

Chris Addison-Scott, who leads CKD Galbraith's farming department, said: "It is very heartening for farming on Bute to see arrangements being agreed where two young farmers take a major step forward in their careers.

There has also been a lot of concern expressed about the future of dairy farming on Bute and dairy farmers have been crying out for more land. We have been able to help on this occasion. Overall, these lettings have delivered good results for both the estate and the farmers."

The farms let are:-

Little Kilmory, a traditional stock rearing farm of 378 acres. It is being let on a 15-year LDT to Ian Dickson, whose father, John, farms at nearby Scalpsie. Ian Dicskon (22) said: "I am grateful that Mount Stuart Trust have given me the opportunity to establish my own business and I look forward to working with the Trust. Hopefully I will be able to gain access to the new entrant scheme for young farmers".

Lubas, a small stock rearing farm of 143 acres. Lubas is formerly a Limited Partnership tenancy which came to a natural end and is to be let to Shaun Lyon, on a 15-year LDT. His father, James, is a tenant on the estate at Little Kichattan Farm. Shaun Lyon (22) said: "It is great that Mount Stuart Trust has given me this opportunity to start my own business at the early age of 22 and I hope to be able to make use of the Government's scheme for new entrants into farming."

Quochag, a traditional stock farm of 128 acres. Quohag was formerly an SLDT which came to an end following the retirement of the previous incumbent and is to be let to Duncan McAllister, the largest dairy farmer on Bute. He said: "By granting me the lease of Quochag, Mount Stuart Trust has enabled me to make my business more self-sufficient and to make better use of slurry and farmland manure produced on the main holding of Kerrytonlia."

Achavoulaig Farm (567 acres) and Kildavannan Farm (289 acres) are both under offer and final decisions will be made by the estate soon.