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CKD Galbraith Welcomes Grant Increase To Boost Productive Woodland Planting | Galbraith

CKD Galbraith Welcomes Grant Increase To Boost Productive Woodland Planting

16 January 2011

The Scottish Government recently announced a 10% increase in grant support for new applications relating to productive conifer and productive broadleaf planting within the forestry industry.

Hamish Robertson, head of our forestry department in Perth, said: "Today’s announcement is a very welcomed boost for the forestry sector. Grants for creating new woodland in Scotland are the best they have ever been as a consequence of the Scottish Government’s ambitious woodland expansion targets of 10,000 hectares per year. Creating new native woodland can attract £3330 per ha over a five year period with up to £5.80/metre for deer fencing. With the potential to qualify for additional Farmland Premium payments of £60 - £300 per ha for 10 – 15 years, it is not surprising that many landowners are taking advantage of these attractive incentives.

"The timber industry has however been concerned for some time that not enough new productive conifer woodlands are being created, and timber shortages are predicted. The newly announced 10% increase in the rates for creating new productive conifer and broadleaf woodland is very encouraging, and will be of great interest to landowners contemplating their options. It will be interesting to see if this increase is sufficient to tip the balance in new planting towards a greater proportion of productive woodland."

CKD Galbraith forestry department are highly qualified and are able to provide a full management service. Read more about our forestry services or contact Hamish Robertson in our Perth office on 01738 451111. 




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