CKD Galbraith Offers Expert Advice As IACS Deadline Approaches

12 March 2014

CKD Galbraith is offering it's expert advice with the impending IACS 2014 application process.


The submission deadline for Single Application Forms under IACS is the 15th May 2014 and if you plan to apply CKD Galbraith offer a few suggestions and tips on what to look out for:


  • Always check that the pre-printed information on the forms is correct and that IACS maps are up to date
  • SRDP and forestry management claimants have no alternative but to claim all Annual Recurrent Payments for any scheme on the IACS data sheets. In addition a separate claim form for new capital items has to be completed
  • A high percentage of IACS forms are now submitted online, this is the preferable option as the checking and calculations are done automatically, saving a lot of time and effort


Colin Stewart, partner at CKD Galbraith has considerable experience in providing expert advice to farmers submitting their IACS forms. Colin advises farmers to get the forms completed as soon as possible rather than leaving it until the last minute.


Colin said: “With regards to the IACS application there have been murmurings within the industry to indicate that the historic entitlement held by a producer on the 31st December 2014 will be the reference point for any historical payment which may be phased out, perhaps up to 2019.


“Therefore we would suggest that any producer with land which is not currently being claimed on may wish to consider purchasing entitlements so that their holding is fully covered. The deadline for purchasing Single Farm Payment Entitlements for use in the 2014 Single Application Form is 2nd April 2014.”


CKD Galbraith undertakes IACS submissions for existing management clients and can offer a bespoke service for new clients. For more information please contact Colin Stewart on 01828 632786 or Gordon McConnachie on 01343 546362.


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