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CKD Galbraith Now Offering Expert Reviews To Help Farmers Plan For The Future

Farmers looking for expert help to develop their business can now ask CKD Galbraith to undertake a Whole Farm Review following new accreditation obtained by the firm.

Gordon McConachie, who worked as an inspecting officer for 17 years with SGRPID before joining CKD Galbraith's rural division, has been now be accredited through the Farm Business Adviser Accreditation Scheme for Scotland (FBAASS).

The accreditation allows CKD Galbraith to carry out reviews under the Whole Farm Review Scheme (WFRS), which is designed to help farmers and crofters to develop environmentally and financially sustainable businesses.

Launched in 2004, all farming and crofting businesses are open to apply to the WFRS provided that they are registered in Scotland with IACS or use a current milk quota. Under the scheme, the Scottish Government will fund over 80% (up to a maximum of 2,400) of the cost of consultancy support needed to carry out the Whole Farm Review and further specialist advice needed to implement the action plan developed under the review.

Once appointed, the adviser will review the agricultural business's recent performance, identify its main strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and develop an action plan to improve the business.

Gordon McConachie, who will conduct reviews for CKD Galbraith, said: "CKD Galbraith is delighted to now offer Whole Farm Reviews, which have been highly beneficial for farmers and crofters since the introduction of the scheme by the Scottish Government.

"The decision to seek accreditation to conduct reviews was a natural step for the firm when CKD Galbraith is already offering help to farmers and rural businesses in a variety of other ways on a daily basis.

"Whole Farm Reviews allow farmers to access expert advice on what they can do to sustain and improve their business. The scheme is a useful one to utilise at any time but with CAP reform firmly on the horizon, it is even more pertinent for farm businesses to assess how they can best plan for the future with the resources they have available.

"Our belief is that CKD Galbraith is well placed to offer the best strategic advice for farmers and crofters during such reviews. Our own experience of Scottish Government, Rural Payments & Inspections Directorate programmes is coupled with the best cross-firm advice on issues such as Agricultural Mortgage Corporation finance as well as diversification options on matters such as energy and new farm businesses. That allows farmers undertaking a review to access expertise all in the one place, rather than have to deal with numerous consultants when recommendations are being made.

"The scheme has become invaluable to farmers and crofters over the last nine years and we would urge businesses to make use of this important resource."

If you would to discuss having a Whole Farm Review then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Gordon McConachie on 01343 546362 or emailing gordon.mcconachie@ckdgalbraith.co.uk