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CKD Galbraith has more than half Scotland mapped with powerful digital service in the cloud

CKD Galbraith has developed a comprehensive geographic information service to offer a powerful additional resource to its Energy team and the team's clients, partners and associates.

Designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyse, manage, and present a wide range of vital data, the firm's geographic information systems (GIS) are both a valuable reference tool and a vital resource for constructing plans, maps and 3D images. If information can be categorised as geographic and represented on a map, it is covered by GIS.

The firm has developed a bespoke cloud-based application utilising current and historic mapping to provide an online databank containing both CKD Galbraith-specific data and a wealth of highly useful third-party geographic information. One critical layer of data is ownership, and to date CKD Galbraith has mapped over 4.1 million hectares more than half Scotland's land. Information can be accessed and extracted by a few mouse clicks, facilitating faster appraisal of proposals and with it swifter decision making.

This powerful resource has the flexibility to develop and evolve as experts at CKD Galbraith constantly update information and add new data. Applications include:

  • Reference channel to interrogate information on geographic areas of interest;
  • Search tool to query specific information based on a range of search criteria;
  • Export resource to extract data for comparison purposes; and
  • Image tool to produce basic maps and plans for internal use.

In addition to the firm's internal GIS resource, CKD Galbraith has made significant investment in leading GIS software to enable all aspects of plan and map production and more rigorous GIS analysis coupled with a crystal-clear image reproduction facility.

CKD Galbraith's GIS service is a breakthrough for any business involved in renewable energy, agriculture, forestry or sporting estates; it is a vital additional resource for use in the preparation of all types of bespoke plans and maps together with 3D visualisations.

In addition to plan production, desktop GIS services make available the full spectrum of spatial analysis tools and visualisation of geographic information.

The new service is led by Daniel Campanile, GIS Manager at CKD Galbraith. Daniel has over five years' experience in GIS, with a previous appointment as a lead technical researcher at a successful geoscience consultancy where he developed and implemented industry-standard GIS methodologies and workflows. At CKD Galbraith he applies this experience to provide solutions to new problems in the land management sector.  Daniel has a degree and PhD from the University of Glasgow.

Calum Innes, Head of the Energy team, said: "One reason we've been in business for a century is that we embrace new technologies. GIS is a key addition to the personal service we deliver to our UK and international clients, from governments and companies to investors and individuals. We are pleased to be able to offer this service to the benefit to many involved in energy, renewables and utilities in Scotland as well as to our wider client base."