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CKD Galbraith Discuss Forestry Investment

CKD Galbraith is today hosting a seminar exploring whether Forestry is a resilient sector in which to invest.

CKD Galbraith is today hosting a seminar exploring whether Forestry is a resilient sector in which to invest. Forestry's significant success in recent years is well documented and justly deserved but nothing in investment terms is a given, particularly when the asset class is characterised by long-term biological growth. Many are now asking how resilient forestry is as an investment. The seminar will be held in CKD Galbraith's Edinburgh office on 59 George Street where the firm's Forestry division is managed.

Bringing together experts in their fields, CKD Galbraith will be asking today's audience to consider some of the factors influencing forestry's resilience as an asset class. The seminar will commence with a summary of Forestry's investment performance to date from the firm's Head of Forestry, Guy Warren.

Guy commented on today's event, saying: "The Forestry industry now displaces some 1 billion worth of imports annually and contributes an estimated 1.67 billion (indirect) to Scotland's economy meaning forestry has outperformed many other asset classes.
"Today's discussions will centre on the UK's Forestry Sector continuing to underpin forestry as a mature investment asset class and what actions should be taken to build on its long-term sustainability."

David Symons, Managing Director of Euroforest Limited the UK's largest independent timber harvesting and marketing company, will also assess the market outlook whilst Richard Palmer of AW Jenkinsons will be talking about the biomass market. Their speeches will be followed by a discussion on risk mitigation in a changing climate by Hugh Claydon from Forestry Commission Scotland.

Hugh, who is the Tree Health Policy Advisor for the Forestry Commission added: "The seminar is a great opportunity to speak to people closely involved in, and who advise on, forestry investment.
"Foresters have always needed to meet the needs of today while also keeping a wide range of option open for future generations. By continuing to work with and enhance the natural resilience of forest ecosystems, and by taking full advantage of the scientific advances in the management of plant health, forestry continues to represent a remarkably versatile and durable investment option."

CKD Galbraith has a team of forest managers operating across the country who can assist in all aspects of forestry including woodland sales, acquisitions, valuations and management. Click here for further information on the services available please call 0131 240 6960.

For updates from the seminar follow our Forestry team on twitter: @CKDGForestry