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CKD Galbraith Consolidates Its Renewables And Utilities Offering

We are pleased to announce a new force in environmental consulting with the formal launch of our Energy Team.

The expert business unit has been established to help clients benefit from the growth in demand for energy production and transmission.  The Energy Team assists landowners, developers, utilities and communities to make the most of their natural resources and Government incentives aimed at encouraging participation in this growing area of activity.

We have been increasingly active in renewables over the past decade, advising on hydro power, biomass, wind power and solar.  Often working alongside other specialist advisers, we provide guidance on maximising opportunities associated with the Scottish Rural Development Programme, feed-in tariffs (FITs), renewable obligation certificates (ROCs), the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and the Community and Renewable Energy Scheme.

The Energy Team brings together experts from our 12 offices across the country and combines specialist surveying, land management and planning consultancy skills, all focused on achieving the best result for clients.

Tim Kirkwood, Chief Executive, said: "Government incentives have made renewable energy a hot topic in the property world lately but we have been developing our expertise in this area for over a decade."

"All of us involved in property today have to keep up to speed with developments in the renewable energy space and the concept of sustainability from estate agents to farmers and factors of estates," added Sarah Tyson of our Energy Team.

"We have a comprehensive database of knowledge for the larger wind farm developments and are compiling a wide variety of information on the possibilities for smaller schemes. Solar panels, smaller wind turbines and hydro electric schemes are all increasingly popular, but with the number of renewables consultants appearing, it is critically important to choose the right one, with a proven track record. What is evident is that each scheme is different and every owner has particular requirements. Government-backed incentive schemes or integration with other land management objectives can make the vital extra margin."

Calum Innes, Partner, added: "It's not just individuals often neighbouring landowners are getting together to make things work, such as neighbours collaborating to undertake a hydro-electric scheme on a march burn. Even if you are not going in directly on a joint scheme, you may need to negotiate access or cable routes across your own and neighbouring ground and we have huge experience of this, right across the country. Our team can advise developers and operators on such matters too, so we are thoroughly informed and effective."

With the Government driven to increase the use of renewable energy sources, CKD Galbraith encourages all property owners and occupiers to consider their options with respect to renewable energy as both a cost saving and a major source of income. With greater understanding, the evidence is that with our advice, clients are able to enter into joint ventures or collaborative schemes yielding greater returns to those involved while generating and retaining additional benefit to the local community.

We are at the forefront of advising clients on issues relating to all property related and commercial aspects of energy developments, having been involved in direct negotiations concerning in excess of 1,000 megawatts of wind-power sites and some 100 megawatts for hydro sites.

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