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Cap Reform Update: Greening And Crop Diversification

Help is at hand on Greening, Ecological Focus Areas (EFAs) and the three crop rule.

The Scottish Government's clarification of parts of the Greening measures farmers must comply with to receive their full subsidy entitlement from 2015 is welcome news for the industry CKD Galbraith said today.
Gordon McConachie, Senior Agri-Business Adviser, said that the three crop rule and greening remain complex but steps can be taken to streamline the process:
"The first thing for farmers to do is to work out what their arable' land total is many people think that it is only the cropped land but temporary grass (TGRS) areas come into the equation as well. It is essential that grass is declared correctly next year if it's over 5 years old in 2015, ie established in 2009 or before, then it is classed as permanent grass PGRS even if it is part of a longer traditional rotation. This will have to be redone every year as TGRS becomes PGRS or the reverse. Also, in terms of EFAs farmers will need to work out if they need them and then select the appropriate option."
  • Calculate what your total Arable' land is. This figure (A) is your total arable crop area including both cropped land and also temporary grass less than five years old (TGRS) 
  • It is essential that you declare grass correctly next year. If grass is over five years old in 2015 (i.e. established in 2009 or before) then it is classed as permanent grass (PGRS) even if it is part of a longer traditional rotation. This will have to be redone every year as TGRS becomes PGRS or the reverse. 
  • Follow the Crop Diversification Flowchart (figure 1) to work out how many crops you have to grow and how much of each, taking note of the limits for each one.
  • Use our Ecological Focus Areas (EFAs) flowchart (figure 2) to work out if you need to include EFAs
  • Work out which EFA options suit your system. Take careful note of the conversion factors listed in the table (figure 3) as weighting ratios mean that some options require more ground to be used in order to equate to areas in the initial calculations.
  • We are awaiting further information on the detailed management of individual EFA options and will provide an update when it is available.



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