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Tree Safety Reports & Surveys


Landowners Tree Safety Report

Managing the risk from trees is the responsibility of the owners and managers of the land on which they grow. Risk Management can be undertaken only by understanding the trees and their value to people in the context within which they grow. The requirement under health and safety legislation is to have a suitable and sufficient risk assessment, and to apply measures that are reasonable and practicable. 

Our team can produce a Tree Safety Strategy to identify areas requiring survey and prioritise these into Risk Zones.

Once identified, all trees within the survey area will be inspected to determine if any represent a foreseeable hazard requiring remedial action.

Our forest managers are Professional Members of the Institute of Chartered Foresters and we maintain corporate memberships with the Confederation of Forest Industries, the Royal Scottish Forestry Society and the Forest Industry Safety Accord.

Tree surveys for Development Work

When Carrying out any building work or development near trees, local authorities require all potentially affected trees to be surveyed by a qualified arboricultural surveyor in accordance with BS5837:2012 (Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction).

Our qualified arboricultural surveyors have worked closely with local authorities and planners to ensure we provide a tailored service for our clients, covering all aspects of the British Standard.

Through our various departments we can provide:

  • Topographical Survey
  • Tree Survey
  • Tree Categorisation 
  • Tree Constraints Plan

Their services will provide a framework which both planners and architects can work from, by providing an understanding of the constraints and opportunities within a site. The reports can be provided in hard copy or as CAD files if required.