Great Glen Challenge 2017

  • Friday 25 August 2017
  • Great Glen

In 2016 teams from Galbraith took home silver and bronze medals, can we get gold in 2017?

Galbraith will again be entering the RSABI Great Glen Challenge with three teams among those walking, running, cycling and kayaking around the course on Friday 25 August. 

The three Galbraith teams that will be competing against 18 other rural organisations will be:

Team 1:

 Run: Dominic Wedderburn

Cycle: George Lorimer

Walk: Lorraine Brown

Kayak: Alan Hendry

Team 2:

Run: Will Frazer

Cycle: Michael Forrest

Walk: Georgie Brown

Kayak: Alice Wilson 

Team 3:

Run: Jamie Addison Scott

Cycle: James Towers

Walk: Marcelina Hamilton

Kayak: Lewis Thomson

Support Drivers:

 Bill Robertson 

 Geoff Laird-Portch

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