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Hydro Power Consultancy

Hydro power relies on nothing more complex than a watercourse with reliable flow and a drop in height. However, successful hydro power generation demands significant expertise, whether you are putting on old hydro turbine back into use, or installing a brand new scheme.

We have been involved with many schemes, large and small, from initial ideas to production. We have carried out valuations for funding purposes, agreeing terms for selling hydro electricity produced to neighbouring estates with no mains power, and consideration of options to maximise financial returns from developments.

We can help with:

  • Assessment of viability and option review
  • Access, wayleave and servitude arrangements, an essential part of any hydro development. Connecting to the grid can involve negotiations with national power firms and neighbours who can hold the key to unlocking your development potential 
  • Conducting due diligence and submitting planning applications 
  • Construction supervision
  • Design and contractor liaison
  • Working with your professional advisers to ensure legal and tax efficiency 

For larger, developer-led, schemes, we can provide advice on negotiating and agreeing Heads of Terms and Option and Lease agreements with the developer or a neighbour who might share ownership of a march burn.