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Biomass Consultancy

Burning renewable material for energy is as old as mankind but today's technology makes it a viable solution for heating and power to commercial and domestic properties.


The fuel is usually logs, wood chips or wood pellets preferably sourced locally to reduce transport costs and make the scheme financially viable. Indeed, that's why our Forestry Department often works with our Energy Department managing the forestry resources which supply the biomass.

Working together

Our Energy, Building Surveying, Forestry and Planning departments work together to provide advice for clients. This could be installations for new build houses or retro-fitting offices, houses and let properties with biomass boilers. We have also been advising on a proposal for a village district heating system, and negotiated contracts on behalf of landowners for developers to grow short rotation coppice on their land.

How we help

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) now covers both commercial and domestic installations and can provide considerable support for a project

Our Building Surveying department is able to review heating options from drawing plans for a shed to store your fuel in, to managing the planning process to permit retrofitting a biomass boiler to your property.