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Portfolio of London Acquisition Surveys

The Building Surveying team is retained by a private investor to carry out acquisition surveys and due diligence in Mayfair, London. 

We have carried out over 20 surveys in the past few years.

The purpose of the surveys was to advise Pastor Real Estate of any potential issues that could be faced during their proposed ownership of a building. This allowed them to plan and budget for required repairs or extraordinary expenditure that was required during any planned refurbishments. We were also able to advise on all details and documentation that should be sought from the vendors as part of the acquisition.   

The reports included a full review of any historic information on the property and a thorough site inspection helped gain as full an understanding as is possible. Access equipment was used to fully inspect roofs and loft spaces so that our reports were not qualified by exempt areas.

These surveys were undertaken with very short notice and Principal Findings reports were issued within 48 hours to ensure that our client met the tight timescales involved with the acquisitions.