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Biomass for a steading conversion

Our client was looking to provide an innovative heating system for his steading conversion.

The converted steading would house two office units and six residential dwellings.

CKD Galbraith were involved in obtaining quotes for the installation of the boiler, taking references, and making sure the contractors complied with relevant health and safety standards as well as checking the specifications of the project. CKD Galbraith's Forestry department were also involved to ensure the project was viable from a woodland management point-of-view. The landowner was keen to ensure that the least valuable cuts from commercial felling operations could be used to fuel a biomass boiler.

The two departments within CKD Galbraith worked together successfully, and the project in now heating two of the units, with the others to be online once the conversions have been completed.

We are able to advise clients over a range of biomass projects, from single log boilers, to district biomass heating systems.