After the storm...time to prepare for the next one

05th October 2016

Storms Desmond and Frank and their aftermath once again underline the importance of thorough risk evaluation and flood prevention, says Harry Lukas.

Do you know exactly what you own?

30th September 2016

Charlotte Maclean outlines the benefits of volunteering to register land - sooner rather than later.

Playing the long game pays off

30th September 2016

A generation-spanning development project takes stamina and vision, says Chris Addison-Scott.

Time to swim with the current?

23rd September 2016

Fish farming is still very much in the shadow of traditional farming, but it is an industry with huge potential. Anna Zahedi considers the merits of starting a fish farm.

It's not the price - it's the value

16th September 2016

Alistair Christie explains the importance of sound property valuations.

Renewable energy relief changes bring surprise and disappointment

16th September 2016

Renewable energy operators are beginning to receive rate demands, but, as Calum Innes explains, there may be a glimmer of hope for hydro electricity operators.

An investment in our future farming leaders

23rd August 2016

As the proud sponsor of the inaugural 'Cultivating Leaders' programme, run by the Scottish Association of Young Farmers (SAYFC), CKD Galbraith asked three of Scotland's future farmers what they had learnt over the course of the programme.

Hitting home

22nd August 2016

Another round of residential regulations Mike Thompson reports on the latest legislative changes that have an impact on landlords.

Why the grass can be greener on this side

19th August 2016

Scottish farmland continues to be an attractive purchase. Simon Brown explains.

Making the best of the best-laid schemes

19th August 2016

Lucie Howatson reflects on the early stages of the new Agri-Environment Climate Scheme.

In search of the rural dream

04th August 2016

Anna Henderson and Scott Hall explain the benefits of a professional buying service.

Selling a Scottish estate when the parts are greater than the whole

04th August 2016

A different approach is sometimes required to successfully market a large estate. Simon Brown examines the options. 

Fair game? Fishing in a swirling current

04th August 2016

Fishery reform continues apace, most anglers will notice little change this season, says Robert Rattray.

A silver lining in financial clouds

01st August 2016

The unprecedented downturn in almost all farm commodity prices last year, coupled with the significant delay in farm businesses receiving their Basic Payment subsidy income, placed a significant burden on cash-flow and many farm businesses had to make calls to their banks.

Delivering Diversification

29th July 2016

Robert Taylor explains how a dynamic new business was created from modest beginnings on a family farm.

Making sure you don't go off the rails in a crisis

29th July 2016

Helping a farmer to deal with the aftermath of this train crash is all in a day's work. Mike Reid reports.

Living with land reform

27th July 2016

New land reform legislation will have far-reaching effects throughout rural Scotland. Chris Addison-Scott and Calum Innes examine the challenges it presents. 

Land Reform - Limbo and Assignation

10th March 2016

As the Land Reform (Scotland) Bill approaches the end of its journey towards becoming law - it will reach Stage 3 in the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday 16 March - Anna Zahedi from our Rural team provides an update on the progress so far and on what unanswered points remain.

Property Round-Up: Award Winners

26th February 2016

With the Oscars upon us we've rolled out the red carpet for a shortlist of properties which are award winners in their own right, were designed by award winning architects or were once owned by an Academy Award nominee.

Property Round-Up: February Finds

19th February 2016

A home in a former linen works, a charming former coach house (both in Fife) and a cottage on a mixed farm in rural Perthshire are all new to the market this week