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Farm sales: The big picture

08th February 2017

Demand for good quality land continues - depending on the type of land and farmers' ambitions - says Duncan Barrie.

Challenge your expectations...Good fun and great professional training

03rd February 2017

CKD Galbraith is committed to taking on ambitious, bright and articulate rural surveying graduates and supporting them in obtaining their APC - Assessment of Professional Competence - the final step to becoming a fully qualified RICS Registered surveyor. Here, two of our graduate surveyors reflect on their first year with CKD Galbraith.

End of an era? Probably not

01st February 2017

Colin Stewart explains why changes to the Basic Payment Scheme might not be as imminent as first believed...

Why plant new woodlands?

30th January 2017

Paul Schofield highlights the many benefits of woodland creation.

Mud, music and matrimony...

26th January 2017

James Bowie looks at how rural estates can maximise their income streams.

Dairy farming the value-added way

21st December 2016

The tough times facing milk producers are well documented, but one young farmer is refusing to bow to price pressures as he tried to build a viable business. Martin Harvey reports.

Slinte! Gin distillery aims to give community a tonic

20th December 2016

Niall Macalister Hall explains how the creation of a distillery on his family's estate boosts the estate's environmental credentials and will in due course help local entrepreneurs get started.

Deer management makes progress, but is it enough?

13th December 2016

Scottish deer management groups have made great strides, but Deirdre Stewart remains apprehensive about Scottish Natural Heritage's review of the sector.

Hutting: A new desire to rediscover some old ways

13th December 2016

The renaissance of the hutting movement is in line with the British dream of an idyllic country life - and it offers opportunities for landowners. Jamie Grant reports.

Brexit: A dark tunnel or a brave new world?

08th December 2016

Iain Russell reflects on the wide-ranging impact that withdrawal from the EU may have on rural businesses.

Residential tenancies: Are you up to speed on legislation changes?

01st December 2016

Rachel Myles highlights the changes to Scottish tenancies and the impending deadlines.

The sweet taste of windfarm success

30th November 2016

Mars joins Eneco and local people for the opening of a new windfarm on the Moy Estate. Toby Kirkwood reports.

Solar storage: A route to energy independence

28th November 2016

German innovator Solarwatt is striking a blow for household energy independence with UK partner network, says Pol Spronck.

Why the UK is hopelessly unprepared for winter

21st November 2016

Years of green confusion and ill-informed Government action have distorted the energy market to our national detriments. Michael Kelly calls for new thinking, followed by action.

After Brexit...How will investment in electricity change?

17th November 2016

Clarity and stability are needed to encourage investment in energy generation and infrastructure in the wake of the vote to leave the EU, says Jamie Grant.

Turning wood into gas powers family farm

16th November 2016

A farming family's plan to boost its renewable energy supply led them to combined heat and power gasification, via Germany. Lawson Doe reports.

Fruits of fibre

15th November 2016

Nick Morgan looks at some of the implications of the roll-out of superfast broadband.

Code changes could put brake on better telecoms

14th November 2016

A shake-up in mobile operators' payments could make landowners reluctant to accommodate their masts, says Mike Reid.

Huge tidal project will soon be powering Scotland

08th November 2016

MeyGen is big on every measure - and the first phase of the massive project is on target to start generating electricity. Toby Kirkwood reports from the official opening.

A decade of major electricity projects

07th November 2016

Advising on major projects is a key part of the CKD Galbraith offering. Bill Robertson reflects on some of the initiatives in which the firm has been actively involved.