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Fruits of fibre

15th November 2016

Nick Morgan looks at some of the implications of the roll-out of superfast broadband.

Code changes could put brake on better telecoms

14th November 2016

A shake-up in mobile operators' payments could make landowners reluctant to accommodate their masts, says Mike Reid.

Huge tidal project will soon be powering Scotland

08th November 2016

MeyGen is big on every measure - and the first phase of the massive project is on target to start generating electricity. Toby Kirkwood reports from the official opening.

A decade of major electricity projects

07th November 2016

Advising on major projects is a key part of the CKD Galbraith offering. Bill Robertson reflects on some of the initiatives in which the firm has been actively involved.

Slow line to regeneration

02nd November 2016

One year on, Katie Gibson assesses the economic impact of the new Borders Railway.

Planning reform afoot?

31st October 2016

Jamie Grant highlights some surprises from the Scottish planning system review.

Turning the tide on litter

28th October 2016

Jill Gayford rolls up her sleeves with the commercial team as they do their bit for the environment.

Let there be light

26th October 2016

Pam Over reports on an effective way to deal with lack of natural light. 

A week in the life of a...

24th October 2016

...Graduate Commercial Surveyor. With Emma MacFadyen.

Period Drama

21st October 2016

Kash Bhatti uncovers the challenges and delights of working with listed buildings.

Are you in or out?

19th October 2016

Pamela Gray examines the city centre vs business park options facing office occupiers.

Back to the future: A 50 year old idea shows the way ahead

10th October 2016

Doubling the size of a power station inside a Scottish mountain could help to balance energy supply and demand, says Ross Galbraith, group hydro manager of ScottishPower.

After the storm...time to prepare for the next one

05th October 2016

Storms Desmond and Frank and their aftermath once again underline the importance of thorough risk evaluation and flood prevention, says Harry Lukas.

Do you know exactly what you own?

30th September 2016

Charlotte Maclean outlines the benefits of volunteering to register land - sooner rather than later.

Playing the long game pays off

30th September 2016

A generation-spanning development project takes stamina and vision, says Chris Addison-Scott.

Time to swim with the current?

23rd September 2016

Fish farming is still very much in the shadow of traditional farming, but it is an industry with huge potential. Anna Zahedi considers the merits of starting a fish farm.

It's not the price - it's the value

16th September 2016

Alistair Christie explains the importance of sound property valuations.

Renewable energy relief changes bring surprise and disappointment

16th September 2016

Renewable energy operators are beginning to receive rate demands, but, as Calum Innes explains, there may be a glimmer of hope for hydro electricity operators.

An investment in our future farming leaders

23rd August 2016

As the proud sponsor of the inaugural 'Cultivating Leaders' programme, run by the Scottish Association of Young Farmers (SAYFC), CKD Galbraith asked three of Scotland's future farmers what they had learnt over the course of the programme.

Hitting home

22nd August 2016

Another round of residential regulations Mike Thompson reports on the latest legislative changes that have an impact on landlords.