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How to make the most of a small broadleaved wood

13th May 2020

The growing wood fuel market means neglected areas of woodland can be given a new lease of commercial life, says Paul Schofield.

Back to the future

12th May 2020

Eight years on from our first issue, Gareth Taylor and Nick Morgan take stock of the way energy markets have evolved.

Self-taught foresters with a low-impact approach

06th May 2020

A labour of love has become an award-winning and productive broadleaved woodland. Jacob Dean reports from Craggach Woods in Inverness-shire

Biggest change to Scotland’s planning fees in a quarter-century

04th May 2020

Jo Plant sets out the potential impact of the proposed planning fees increase in Scotland. 

From concept to operation: Galbraith oversees new factory for Highland Soap Company expansion

01st May 2020

John Pullen on project managing a complex project with multidisciplinary advice from Galbraith.

Supporting rural businesses through the current crisis

01st May 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing huge challenges for rural businesses. Alistair Christie explains how our Galbraith AMC agents can help.  

The Good Life – Increased demand for the rural idyll

30th April 2020

Living off the land and becoming more self-sufficient has been on many agenda for a long time.  Emma Chalmers looks at the reasons why and her own experience during lockdown. 

Landownership and GIS data integration in planning

29th April 2020

Dan Campanile highlights the importance of GIS expertise in commercial land development and planning.

Aligning interests make shorter work of Greenfield planning

27th April 2020

Harry Stott shows that the right combination can rise to the challenges of the residential development sector.

Happy Earth Day 2020

22nd April 2020

Today is Earth Day, a date in the calendar that’s observed worldwide to show support for environmental protection. It’s also a good time to reflect on the continuing advance of renewable energy in the UK and elsewhere. 

Leading the charge on EV infrastructure

22nd April 2020

Ben Dobson lays out the need for transparency and regulation of the charging point set-up to encourage development investment.

Is forestry a good investment?

17th April 2020

Commercial forestry has been the top performing asset in the UK in the past 15 years, with the best woodlands generating returns of more than 10% a year.  Here our forestry team answer your questions on forestry investment. 

The Best Properties For Home Working And Home Schooling

16th April 2020

Featuring swimming pools, games rooms and home offices these are some of our best properties for both work and play. 

What will the world look like post Covid-19 pandemic?

15th April 2020

The question that is being asked increasingly in households and businesses across the country is: what will the world look like post the Covid-19 pandemic? John Bound shares his thoughts.

Spend or save

07th April 2020

Which home updates make financial sense before putting your house on the market and which are a waste of money? Sam Gibson investigates

The Benefits of the Lease Re-Gear

01st April 2020

Pamela Gray on the growth of lease re-gears and the opportunities for business security and tenant retention.

The New Normal

27th March 2020

Sam Gibson from the Hexham office assesses the likely impact of mass home-working on our property preferences.

Top Tips On Getting Your Property Market Ready

24th March 2020

Were you thinking of selling or letting but have decided to postpone?  Here are some tips for preparing your house for marketing so you are ready to launch later in the year.

The Blades Keep Turning...

19th March 2020

Whilst many aspects of life have slowed in recent days, the income streams relating to renewables continue to provide return as the sun keeps shining, the wind keeps blowing and in Scotland – inevitably – the rain keeps falling. And so it’s business as usual here at Galbraith.  

What an Address: What a Street

01st March 2020

Jamie Thain on the landmark sale of the iconic Over-Seas House by Galbraith for client the Royal Over-Seas League - and the evolution of Princes Street.